Christmas 2018

It’s been a long time since I published anything on my blog, but what better time than Christmas Eve.

As we go into Christmas and then swiftly into 2019, I  hope that you have a good time with friends and family.

Happy Christmas and all the best for 2019!




27 April 2018

I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone since I posted my photograph from the Northern lights.

We have had a long and miserable (wet) winter in the UK, but slowly the garden is coming to life – which in reality means that I have realised it is time to start the weeding! The nice bit is that my wisteria (pictured above from last year) is getting ready to flower again.

Conference preparations are also upon us, with abstract decisions due soon from ISPE ready for the Prague meeting.

Preparations for the meeting are ongoing, including for the pre-conference workshops. It is always a good meeting and I am sure that Prague will provide a great backdrop to the meeting as it is such a beautiful city


Starting the New Year -22 January 2018

Belated Happy New Year greetings for 2018!. Somehow, the start of this year was busier than I thought, although with some very exciting things.

Having spent a week between Christmas and the New Year in Portugal, i returned to the UK and then fulfilled a long held dream – I went to Tromso in Norway to try to see the Northern Lights. The photo at the top of the page was not taken by me, it was taken by the guide we had for the night, but I was there and saw this amazing display of vivid and dancing lights on my first night of “aurora hunting”. The photo cannot describe the awe inspiring sight that filled the sky. In total we went out for 5 nights and amazingly saw the aurora on all 5 nights.

I returned from Norway and came straight to DC for the annual DIA PV and RMS meeting, which has been extremely good. The short courses went well yesterday and today the main sessions were very engaging. More to come in the next 2 days.

I have no new year resolutions, but I do intend to try to keep the blog slightly better updated than I managed last year.

I hope you like the photos



6th November – colour is everywhere

I am sure time speeds up as you head towards the end of the year – it doesn’t seem that long since I was on a family holiday in the summer, and already the clocks have changed and we have had the first frosts.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to Kew Gardens where the autumn colours were very special. Lots of reds and oranges, and plenty of crisp dry leaves to kick about! This is a time of year that really is very colourful,  and to add to that the colurs of the leaves I had some photos from a friend yesterday showing the spectacular Northern Lights from Tromso in Norway, I have one of those photos at the top of this page.

In October I attended the OHDSI symposium and also attended the ISPE/ISPOR day on the use of RWE in healthcare decision making, both of which were stimulating, and added a different perspective to the various roles I hold as a consultant pharmacoepidemiologist. Work life is busy, and the environment is changing rapidly but it is stimulating and encouraging as we look towards better integration of our healthcare systems and turning that integrated data into knowledge.




4th October – something completely different

I thought it was about about time I put something on the blog that isn’t work related, so here is a photograph of my latest knitting creation. This is a present for my youngest daughter-in-law  and it was possibly a bit ambitious for my first ever intarsia project, but was a lot of fun.

Now I need to find my next project, and a way to use all the balls of wool I have left over from this one!






20 September 2017 – The start of Autumn (nearly)

The picture above is taken by my daughter, and is me with my sister and daughter-in-law having a picnic, in a very traditional British way, undeterred by the torrential rain. In the UK summer is over and Autumn is starting to make it’s presence felt, although that picture could have been taken in the summer! I like Autumn with the lovely colours and crisp mornings, and it’s great taking grandchildren out to explore the “helicopters”(sycamore seeds) and conkers.

Work life is busy and I need to remind myself that I do need to stop sometimes just to go for a walk, sit in the garden (with a coat) or indulge in my other hobby of knitting. Its great creating things for other people especially my grandchildren.



27 August 2017

Just over a year ago I wrote my first blog from the 32nd ICPE meeting in Dublin. Now I am sitting in Montreal about to leave for the Welcome Reception and Academic Showcase of the 33rd ICPE conference.

I have been fortunate to spend today wondering around the old city, enjoying the architecture and the food. The Notre Dame cathedral pictured above is beautiful both outside and inside.

I am looking forward to the ICPE program and also looking forward to meeting up with friends and making new friends. The enthusiasm of new students for our discipline of pharmacoepidemiology is catching and it is great to see the society doing everything they can to help the new students feel at home and learn from those of us who have been around for a while.

I doubt that I will have time (I have read the program) to update this during the conference but will update the blog when I return to the UK