11 June 2017

When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would update it at least every 2 weeks. Well it is now nearly 2 months since my last entry and I am not sure where that time has gone!  It seems an age since we were in Turkey and in the meantime the UK has had some summer (hopefully not all the summer we will get) and had a General Election, on which I will say no more.

The summer weather has produced a stunning result with my white wisteria, which not only looked beautiful but also had a lovely strong perfume.

In the meantime of course the pharmacovigilance world is never quiet, and the impact of new guidances particularly from the EMA is being worked through. I am already creating RMPs in the new template, and it will be interesting to see how the new guidance works in practice – I anticipate a few teething problems…In addition of course, the shadow of Brexit is behind all of our conversations and the next few months will hopefully bring some clarity.

The season for conferences is also upon us. This week I will be in Prague on Wednesday and Thursday, speaking at the DIA benefit-Risk meeting, and then travelling to Chicago for the DIA Global meeting, so I will try to update my blog from Chicago, and maybe will see some of you there