6th November – colour is everywhere

I am sure time speeds up as you head towards the end of the year – it doesn’t seem that long since I was on a family holiday in the summer, and already the clocks have changed and we have had the first frosts.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to Kew Gardens where the autumn colours were very special. Lots of reds and oranges, and plenty of crisp dry leaves to kick about! This is a time of year that really is very colourful,  and to add to that the colurs of the leaves I had some photos from a friend yesterday showing the spectacular Northern Lights from Tromso in Norway, I have one of those photos at the top of this page.

In October I attended the OHDSI symposium and also attended the ISPE/ISPOR day on the use of RWE in healthcare decision making, both of which were stimulating, and added a different perspective to the various roles I hold as a consultant pharmacoepidemiologist. Work life is busy, and the environment is changing rapidly but it is stimulating and encouraging as we look towards better integration of our healthcare systems and turning that integrated data into knowledge.