Starting the New Year -22 January 2018

Belated Happy New Year greetings for 2018!. Somehow, the start of this year was busier than I thought, although with some very exciting things.

Having spent a week between Christmas and the New Year in Portugal, i returned to the UK and then fulfilled a long held dream – I went to Tromso in Norway to try to see the Northern Lights. The photo at the top of the page was not taken by me, it was taken by the guide we had for the night, but I was there and saw this amazing display of vivid and dancing lights on my first night of “aurora hunting”. The photo cannot describe the awe inspiring sight that filled the sky. In total we went out for 5 nights and amazingly saw the aurora on all 5 nights.

I returned from Norway and came straight to DC for the annual DIA PV and RMS meeting, which has been extremely good. The short courses went well yesterday and today the main sessions were very engaging. More to come in the next 2 days.

I have no new year resolutions, but I do intend to try to keep the blog slightly better updated than I managed last year.

I hope you like the photos